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2017-18 KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION: We are currently registering students for the 2017-18 school year. You may download the Kindergarten Registration Form or stop by the office and fill it out. 

Dear Rose Creek Families,

Thank you for your generous support of our School Community Council chocolate fundraiser. We appreciate parents and relatives who have taken boxes of chocolate to work and family activities. It’s been a good fundraiser and all proceeds will be used to fund the Leader in Me program and to purchase Chrome Books for student use. Thank you again for your generosity and support.

Spring Break is next week and staff and students are ready for a little R & R. I’m sure you will enjoy a break from nightly homework routines, too. Mrs. Kruger and I will begin the initial process of making classroom assignments for next year right after the break. In a nutshell, I will make first placements along with the help of our special education department.  Then Mrs. Kruger will populate class lists and current grade level teachers will review the list for next year watching for positive student combinations and overall placements. Parents, you may give additional input by submitting an Educational Needs Form between April 18-May 1. I will examine each form carefully and take your comments into consideration as I review placements. You may not select a specific teacher, but I will do my best to make sure your child’s educational needs are addressed. We have strong, positive, highly qualified teachers and I believe most children could thrive in many, many classrooms.

The School Community Council in conjunction with city, community, and district leaders have been working collaboratively to address areas of concern regarding student safety on and off school property. The Council has prepared a Rose Creek Safety Video we’d like for you to watch with your family that will address some of the hot spots we see every day before and after school.

As many will recall, we initiated a new drop-off procedure the last month of school last year. The process is working well and I personally appreciate your kindness and willingness to make the system work so well. You are doing a great job pulling as far forward as possible and asking your children to exit vehicles only in the drop off zone. The traffic is flowing nicely in the mornings and again, I appreciate your support. Based on that experience and feedback from many of you, we are introducing a revised pick-up procedure that will begin in May. We will spend the month working out any bugs in the system in preparation for next school year. The details will be distributed after spring break so watch for upcoming emails and flyers.

Students are approaching SAGE and other end of year tests with a positive attitude and I look forward to receiving the results. The teachers and I drill down to the specific strengths and concerns for every child using this information and we will begin the first week of school providing targeted interventions and enrichment based on the data being generated April and May. Thank you for encouraging your children to fully participate. We use the information it provides!

Thank you for your support in more ways than I could possibly mention. We have kind students, caring families, and a staff that quite frankly inspires me every single day.

Life is Good!

Tami Bird


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Leading to Learn, Learning to Lead

Our mission is to ensure that all students and staff
learn and lead at high levels.



Official Leader in Me School 

The annual School Community Council Fundraiser is going on now through April 4, 2017. Students are selling World’s Finest Chocolate, and the fundraiser supports our “Leader In Me” program along with other great activities and opportunities for our students. If possible, we hope to be able to also purchase additional Chromebooks for the school. Contact the office for more information or if you have any questions.

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