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Welcome to Rose Creek Elementary!

March 4, 2019

Dear Rose Creek Families,

March is finally here! The past few months have been cold and snowy. I believe staff and students are gratefully welcoming the signs of spring.

We have over 900 students so keeping that much traffic moving well takes precision on your end and ours. Please review the following short video detailing drop-off and pick-up procedures. Our goal is to ensure safety and keep the traffic flowing smoothly and quickly. Thank you to Hilary Stewart, our PTA President, for creating the video.

Welcome to Cheryl Lassig, our new assistant principal. She comes from Salt Lake City School District with a background in coaching. She’s outgoing, friendly, and already brings expertise and positivity to our school. I hope you will introduce yourself when you see her at parent teacher conferences this week.

We have a number of things happening this month. First, please join us for Parent Teacher Conferences this Wednesday and Thursday. Battle of the Books tournaments will be happening over several weeks in grades 1-6 with the winning team representing Rose Creek at the district tournament. We also have our school math competition on March 14. The winning team will go on to represent us at the district tournament in April. It’s a busy month filled with good things.

Please take the School Climate Survey. We have 43 responses so far with a potential for 1,000 responses. The survey takes only minutes and will give us valuable information about how we’re doing. The computer lab will be open during Parent Teacher Conferences so you can slip in and take the survey while you’re at the school. You may also take the survey on your phone or computer. Each child was given a survey coupon redeemable for a bag of popcorn during conferences if their parent completed the survey. (Yes, I know it’s bribery.) Please complete the survey, sign the coupon, and snag some yummy popcorn near the front office on Wednesday or Thursday evening.

I know I tell you this all the time, but it’s true. It’s an honor to be surrounded by your children every day. They give me hope for our future and remind me what’s most important in life. Give your children an extra hug today because they deserve it!

Life is Good!

Tami Bird, Principal

Learning Environment Needs Form
Parents and Guardians,
I value input as we begin the process of constructing classes for the 2019-20 school year. If you feel it's important that I the understand specific needs of your child, please fill out the Learning Environment Needs Form. I will be accepting these forms between March 15 and April 1, 2019. It is very difficult to adjust class placements once the process is complete so this is a perfect opportunity for you to provide input.
Tami Bird

Learning Traits: Ownership
I can own my choices and actions. Ownership is the ability to make wise choices based on good information. Barbara Blackburn encourages helping children develop ownership in three ways.
1 – Offer choices: This teaches them to evaluate situations and determine pathways.
2 – Encourage voice: Encourage them to talk about the factors impacting their decisions with you.
3 – Encourage leadership: Give them chances to be in charge.

You can visit for more information on ownership.

Mrs. Chang's class recently participated in the STEM fair submitting Science and Engineering projects. They were amazing!

Rose Creek Winners
Kiara C.
Capri M.
Katelee M.
Carter N.
Dallin S.

District Winners
Carter N.
Dallin S.

Good luck to Carter and Dallin at the Regional STEM Fair held at BYU on March 27!

Upcoming Events

SCC Fundraiser
Monday, March 11 - Friday, March 22

Battle of the Books 2nd - 6th
Monday, March 18 - Friday, March 22

Kindergarten Orientation
Friday, March 22 - 3:00 pm

Battle of the Books 1st
Monday, March 25 - Friday, March 29

Literacy Week
Monday, March 25 - Friday, March 29

Literacy Week Family Night
Monday, March 25

Regional STEM Fair
Wednesday, March 27

Spring Break - No School
Monday, April 15 - Friday, April 19

Boundaries for 2019-2020 School Year
Boundaries for the next school year have been decided. Please go to the following link for all of the information you might need regarding permits and boundaries:

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Leading to Learn, Learning to Lead

Mission Statement
Our mission is to ensure that all students and staff learn and lead at high levels.

School Goals
We’ve had great growth over the past few years and want to keep that going! Our students are working on the following two goals. We could sure use your help to meet our Lexia goals!

1. Score above 55% on SAGE Reading/Writing by June 2018.

2. Have 85% of all students complete assigned Lexia minutes weekly.