Welcome to Rose Creek Elementary!

Dear Rose Creek Students, Parents, and Guardians,

I am sure most of you have reviewed the proposed boundary changes and their impact on Rose Creek. I encourage you, and possibly your children, to participate in the survey located at http://boundary.jordandistrict.org/. Please be mindful of the following dates:

October 23 – Boundary results presented to the School Board
(I’m not sure when the survey closes – we were only given the date they are presented to the board.)

November 13 – Board votes on final boundary changes in Board Meeting.

I’ve had several parents ask me about permitting into Rose Creek next year. Permit openings will depend on the finalized school boundary and the amount of space available in the building. The permit window opens December 3, 2018.

We were able to hire additional teachers to lower class size. Mrs. Ybarbo will teach science and writing to all sixth graders on a rotation basis in the mornings. Mrs. Mills (formerly an ASC teacher) will teach math and reading in the afternoons in fourth grade. I feel fortunate to have such high quality teachers join our teams.

We’ve had a great response to our Battle of the Books program! In fact, we’ve incorporated the program into our 1st and 2nd grades based on teacher and student interest. Kristi Gowen, PTA Board, has done a wonderful job keeping us organized and moving forward. Let me know if you need more information about books your child has agreed to read or about the program in general and I will help you connect with Mrs. Gowen. Team sign-ups for this year will end by October 16.

The year has started out well. Children are happy and learning. Thank you, parents, for sharing your children with us every day.

Life is Good!

Tami Bird

Parking Lot Thank You Notes
Our new parking lot is amazing! We are noticing smoother traffic flows and happier parents! Many of you have expressed appreciation so we are writing thank you notes for you to jot down a quick thank you to the district staff, architects, and construction team involved on the project. We will have thank you notes available in the office.

Learning Traits: Empathy

Empathy is the ability to identify with another person’s feelings or situation. Practice using the following sentence stem at home to help children develop empathy, “How would you feel if_____________?”

Find a few minutes of family time to watch this short clip with Mark Ruffalo on Sesame Street. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_1Rt1R4xbM


Just a few reminders:

Please join us for our Halloween Parade on Wednesday, October 31st at 9:30 am in the gym. All students are welcome to participate

Please remember, no masks or weapons (real or fake).

Classroom party times will be set up by each individual teacher. Please contact them for the time of your child’s party.

Upcoming Events
NO SCHOOL – Labor Day
Monday. September 3

Wednesday, October 17
Early Release 1:55 pm

Thursday, October 18 and Friday, October 19
Fall Recess – No School

Monday, October 22 – Friday, October 26
Self Esteem Week

Tuesday, October 23
Picture Retake Day

Wednesday. October 24
Reflections Assembly – 2:00 pm

Friday, October 26th
No School for Students – Grade Transmittal Day

Wednesday, October 31
Halloween Parade – 9:30 am in the gym.
All parents are welcome.
Times for classroom parties will be up to the teachers.

Wednesday, November  8 – Thursday, November 9
Parent Teacher Conferences

Friday, November 9
No School – Parent Teacher Conference Compensation Day

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Leading to Learn, Learning to Lead

Mission Statement
Our mission is to ensure that all students and staff learn and lead at high levels.

School Goals
We’ve had great growth over the past few years and want to keep that going! Our students are working on the following two goals. We could sure use your help to meet our Lexia goals!
1. Score above 55% on SAGE Reading/Writing by June 2018.
2. Have 85% of all students complete assigned Lexia minutes weekly.