Welcome to Rose Creek Elementary!

Dear Rose Creek Parents and Guardians,

Thank you to our School Community Council (SCC) and to all of you for helping to make our chocolate fundraiser a success. We also appreciated the great turnout at Parent Teacher Conferences and the Book Fair. It was great to see so many of you here.

As Mrs. Bird announced last month, we are looking forward to a parking lot expansion project to be completed this summer. The north parking lot will be renovated, including a fenced staff parking lot behind the north playground, removal of the grassy area along the northeast fence line by the play area, increased number of parking stalls, and a revised drop off and pick up zone. While it won’t solve the concerns of entering and exiting school property from 3600 West, we look forward to the extra parking. Thank you, Jordan School Board and district staff! As promised, here is a rough outline of the new design.

I can’t believe we are down to April and only a few months of school left. Teachers are still working hard to ensure student learning, students are working hard to learn and improve, and we are all growing every day. I feel honored to work with your children, with all of you, and with this amazing Rose Creek faculty.


Candie Checketts
Assistant Principal

School Community Council Fundraiser
THANK YOU for making our SCC fundraiser a great success! Any remaining money from chocolate sales may be turned into the office – as soon as possible please.

Science, Social Studies and Fun
Students from Ms. Rasmussen’s and Mrs. Couvertier’s classes worked with buddies to design and build mini basketball hoops, then played games together. We love to see these positive peer interactions and creative minds at work – go Raptors!

A big CONGRATULATIONS to Amy Stephens for being nominated and chosen as a 2018 Region 6 PTA Award Winner! Amy has received the “Spirit of PTA” Award. We are so appreciative of everything she does to contribute to our Rose Creek community.

Battle of the Books!
Battle of the Books is going strong! Our 3rd-6th grade students who elected to do so will be participating in the annual reading challenge taking place May 21st – 23rd. Battles will be held in the morning for 3rd – 4th grades and in the afternoon for 5th – 6th grades on Monday, May 21st and Tuesday, May 22nd. The teacher battle against the champions will be held on Wednesday, May 23rd. Students will participate in practice battles beforehand. More information, including book lists and examples of competitions are available can be found on our website. (Or click on the PTA tab and select “Battle of the Books.”) Parents, you can support your children by encouraging them to read and answer questions about their books at home. It would also be helpful for them to have a notebook where they can keep track of the books they read and any notes they may want to take.

Note: All students may work toward our school goal by completing their weekly reading minutes in Lexia. We are so appreciative of your support with this goal!

SAGE Testing
SAGE Testing begins mid-month for 3rd – 6th grade students, and will continue through May 18th. Students do best when they get enough rest and eat a healthy breakfast. Please ensure that your child arrives on time and is here every day. If your student(s) will be missing all or part of a day for any reason, please check with their teacher(s) for individual testing schedules, and to give them time to plan ahead, if possible.

Habit of the Month
Habit #8 Find Your Voice
“I have found something that I am good at and really like doing. I am proud, but do not boast. Instead, I use what I know to inspire and help others.”

Upcoming Schoolwide Events
Monday, April 2 – Friday, April 6
NO SCHOOL – Spring Break

Monday April 9
PTA Meeting – Faculty Room, 9:30am

Tuesday, April 10
Birthday Table at lunch

K – 6th Registration for new students for the 2018-19 school year is open!



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Leading to Learn, Learning to Lead

Mission Statement
Our mission is to ensure that all students and staff learn and lead at high levels.

School Goals
We’ve had great growth over the past few years and want to keep that going! Our students are working on the following two goals. We could sure use your help to meet our Lexia goals!
1. Score above 55% on SAGE Reading/Writing by June 2018.
2. Have 85% of all students complete assigned Lexia minutes weekly.