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WELCOME TO MUSIC! (Mrs. Shields turkey bitmoji) NOVEMBER UPDATE 6th Grade just performed Thriller for the Halloween parade. They learned choreography, beat, and even a little music history. They rocked their performance and even did an encore! 5th grade has started ukuleles. They are learning the string names and C7, F and C chords. They are also learning a Spanish Carol, “Campana Sobre Campana.” 4th grade has started a French carol, “Pat-a-Pan,” and has been learning minor songs, using a “spooky” head voice. They have also been playing rhythm patterns on the xylophone. 2nd and 3rd grades have been learning minor Solfege and having fun learning Halloween and Fall songs. They have also been working on rhythm patterns. 2nd grade started a Ghanaian song, “Obwisana,” and 3rd grade started “Just One Candle.” 1st grade and Kindergarten have been learning lots of songs, keeping a steady beat, and moving to the music expressively. For more information, please e-mail Mrs. Shields at
Music Class - November Update