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S. T. E. M. With Miss. Hansen Contact Me Email: About Me: Hi I'm Lynn Hansen. I have been at Rose Creek since 2020. In my free time I plav video games, read books, take photos of scenery, and spend time with my familv. My favorite candy is anything sour, and my favorite food is spaghetti And I love Space! What is STEM? Your students come to me weekly for fun lessons under Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. We have a rotation of TECH Tools sent out by our district that teaches forms of coding as well. Our focus is to bring hands-on learning, critical thinking skills, Block Coding, helping your students become confident in decision making skills, and making school fun. Why Coding? It's been shown that learning to code can help you learn to break down a problem into individual steps. Thank You for Grants and Partnerships: Thanksgiving Point, Red Butte Garden, Clark Planetarium, Utah Hogle Zoo, Utah STEM Action Center.