Spirit Nights

Rose Creek Elementary PTA is partnering with local restaurants in our community to provide one Spirit Night each month. A percentage (usually 10-20%) of the sales on these nights will be donated back to Rose Creek PTA. We hope that this will be a fun event for families and friends and that you will enjoy not having to make dinner!

Join Us for Our Next Spirit Night

Come eat at Café Zupas (11463 S District Main Dr in South Jordan at The District) on Tuesday, November 13, and they will donate up to 25% of Rose Creek sales back to Rose Creek PTA from 5:00 – 9:00 pm. Remember to show them our flier or tell them you are from Rose Creek. We’d love to see you show your school spirit by wearing your Raptor apparel. Invite your friends and neighbors and bring the whole family!

2018-19 = $444.00
September 4: Chick-fil-A donated $444.00
November 13: Café Zupas
February 12: Café Zupas
April 2: Chick-fil-A

Past Spirit Night Totals

Thank you for being so supportive of the PTA’s Spirit Nights during the past five school years! Over $9000 was donated to our PTA from the restaurants we visited. Here is the breakdown of how much each restaurant gave to the PTA. We appreciate the support from our community and families!

2017-18 = $2475.63
September 11: Sonic donated $443.24
October 2: Swig donated $58.37
November 6: Chick-fil-A donated $461.04
December 5: Café Zupas donated $246.38
February 5:Chick-fil-A donated $417.37
March 5: Sonic donated $281.37
April 9: Costa Vida donated $239.10
May 5: Chick-fil-A donated $328.76

2016-17 = $1888.94
September: Chick-fil-A donated $403.78
October: Chili’s donated $203.00
November 7: Texas Roadhouse donated $75.00
December 6: Culver’s donated $75.00
January 9: Burger King donated $100.00
February: Marco’s Pizza Marco’s Pizza donated $116.00
March 7: Café Zupas donated $275.84
April 5: Culver’s donated $218.94
May: Chick-fil-A donated $421.38

2015-16 = $1559.93
September: Wendy’s donated $104.40
October: Texas Roadhouse donated $100.00
November: Café Zupas donated $162.55
December: Chick-fil-A donated $347.66
February: Chili’s donated $80.00
March: Papa Murphy’s donated $213.00
April: Café Zupas donated $218.09
May: Chick-fil-A donated $334.23

2014-15 = $1569.32
September: Chick-fil-A donated $350.44
October: Chili’s donated $180.00
November: Texas Roadhouse donated $150.00
February: The Habit Burger Grill donated $ 105.00
March: Café Zupas donated $153.79
April: Wendy’s donated $112.05
May: Chick-fil-A donated $338.01
June: IHOP donated $180.03

2013-14 = $1817.78
September: Wendy’s donated $142.80
October: Chick-fil-A donated $311.10 (Tips $27.32)
November: Chili’s donated $240.00
February: Café Zupas donated $317.76
March: Arby’s donated $292.00
April: Panda Express donated $188.29
May: Chick-fil-A donated $275.48
June: Menchies donated $50.35


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