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Student Registration

Student registration is now open. Registration is required for each student attending online or in person. Please ensure that family/student information to accurate and up-to-date. Phone numbers, address changes, emails, and emergency contacts can be changed and updated. The Compulsory Education Information Letter, Agreement to Information Network Acceptable Use Policy, and Web Site Release Form are also available to sign electronically. The deadline for online registration is October 2, 2020. If you have forgotten your password or would like assistance with registration, please contact the office at 801-254-8082.

Online Registration Instructions

1. Navigate to Skyward Family Access

2. Enter your PARENT login and password. Online registration can only be accessed using the PARENT login and password. (If the password field is blank, you have already set up a password. If you need to have your password reset or have forgotten your login and password or never received them, please contact Linda at 801-254-8082.)

3. There are several steps to complete. You will need to open and complete each step.

4.  Please make sure that you complete all of the parental consent forms on step #6. These consent forms allow your student(s) to use school computers, chrome books, etc. and give them consent to place photos of your student(s) on our website. Please complete them as your student will not be able to use school computers.

Thank you!