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          Students Returning 2021-2022
If your student is planning on returning to in-person learning for the
2021-2022, please contact the office at 801-254-8082 to let us know.

If your student is returning to Rose Creek from a Charter School, Home School, or Private School, please go here to register them .

If you have a student who will be going to
Kindergarten for 2021-2022, please click on
this link to register your student:  Kindergarten Registration

                     Information for Parents

COVID Symptoms
Please review the above guidelines to make sure that your
child is symptom-free before coming to school each morning.

    March Golden Gate Kids
  Here is what students will be learning about this month:



Mission Statement
"Learn and Lead"

2020-2021 Motto
"Stay Kind"
I will be that person!

This year we will be implementing the Golden Gate Kids program. Please take some time to visit the Golden Gate Kids website to learn more about the program.