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Teachers’ Awards

The Jordan Education Foundation awards teacher of the year awards annually to teachers in Jordan School District. Submission for the award includes meeting rigorous criteria in three categories: academics, professional initiative, and changing students’ lives. Eleven general education teachers and three special education teachers were selected this year. Helen Harvey and Heather Isom were selected from Rose Creek! See the following comments made by students, parents, or colleagues.


Helen Harvey: She relates well to the kids. She respects them and they respect her, which allows her to be an effective teacher. She genuinely cares about each student and wants them to succeed. We love Miss Harvey!


Heather Isom: Mrs. Isom is a dedicated teacher. She is very caring and kind with the children. In a class with such varied needs, she manages to individualize instruction to help each child succeed. Mrs. Isom keeps in very close contact with me as a parent. She updates me on what is happening in the classroom and values my input. I feel like we are part of a team to help my son get the best out of his education. Most importantly, I can tell how much she cares about him. It seems like he gets her full attention, but I wouldn't be a bit surprised if the other parents felt the same.



The Golden Apple Award for Outstanding Educators recognizes a professional educator based on their relationship with students, parents, PTA and the community.


Lisa Freeman: Mrs. Freeman is one of the best teachers I’ve ever worked with. She is well rounded, focused on and prepared for instruction, receptive to learning, and an incredibility positive force in her classroom and in the school. I consider Mrs. Freeman to be in the top 5% of teachers I’ve known over a thirty-two year career. She is humble, kind, devoted, playful, cheerful, and intelligent. She’s one of the best.



The South Valley Chamber of Commerce sponsors a teacher of the year award and luncheon annually for Riverton and Herriman cities. Loie Glass was chosen this year to represent Rose Creek Elementary. Loie has a heart of gold and a great sense of humor. She is completely dedicated to her students and willing to put in the extra hours and preparation to make sure all of her students are succeeding.



Jordan Credit Union sponsors a teacher of the week and this week our very own Karen Spencer was chosen! She will receive a $100 check. Karen works hard every day and is always prepared for the work she does with her students. She is a dedicated teacher who supports her students, team, and families.