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School Community Council Fundraiser

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The School Community Council will be selling boxes of Signature assorted chocolate bars and gummy bears. With parent’s permission, students will be given a box of chocolates to sell. Cash donations are always welcome. Students will be able to pick their own prize this year from six different choices for each box sold. Parents, we appreciate your efforts to help your child sell these candy bars to family members or work associates. Most people can afford $1 and all funds go to purchase items for students. This year we would like to buy more LanSchool licenses so teachers have access to view student screens on their teacher computer. The software helps keep students engaged and learning in a safe digital environment. We would also like to focus on getting additional chromebooks to complete our goal of one chromebook for each student. We can’t achieve this goal without your support. We personally appreciate your help and thank you in advance for participating in our fundraiser.

Thank you for your support!


School Community Council
Rose Creek Elementary