It’s time for our annual School Community Council fundraiser. Your generous support in the past has funded many student and staff incentives and awards. These funds have purchased reading medals, Leader in Me wristbands, weekly ICU prizes, books for students, and Kindergarten program refreshments to name a few items. We have also used these funds to purchase laptop bags and lanyards for staff members. Additionally, much of the positive quotes in the building and the 7 Habits tree were funded through your generous donations.

This year, we will be selling World’s Finest Chocolate candy bars for $1.00 each. Students will be given a box of chocolates and will return funds collected. Parents, we appreciate your efforts to help your child sell these candy bars to family members or work associates. Most people can afford $1 and all funds go to purchase items for students and staff members that our school budgets are not authorized to purchase.

We are hoping to add additional vinyl quotes throughout the building, purchase medals for our Leader in Me awards and other student incentives. We personally appreciate your support and thank you in advance for supporting our fundraiser. Our fundraiser dates are listed below.

ACD Tracks     March 14 – 24

B Track            March 28 – April 8

Thank you for your support and enjoy a candy bar or two!