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Faculty and Staff

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Photo of Gwen Purcell
Gwen Purcell BYU Intern Facilitator
Photo of Susan Raines
Susan Raines First Grade
Photo of Nancy Rasmussen
Nancy Rasmussen Sixth Grade Teacher
Photo of Rick Richman
Rick Richman Fourth Grade
Photo of Maria Sanchez
Maria Sanchez Workroom/Recess Assistant
Photo of Kelly Sheehan
Kelly Sheehan Third Grade
Photo of Amy Slack
Amy Slack Sixth Grade
Photo of Elisa Smith
Elisa Smith Workroom/Recess Assistant
Photo of Ellen Smith
Ellen Smith Fifth Grade
Photo of Monica Susaeta
Monica Susaeta ASC Assistant
Photo of Jean Tafisi
Jean Tafisi Resource Assistant
Photo of Kelly Thackeray
Kelly Thackeray Reading Assistant
Photo of Sarah Wilde
Sarah Wilde Second Grade
Photo of Jana Williams
Jana Williams ASC Assistant
Photo of Buffy Woodbury
Buffy Woodbury Reading Assistant