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PTA Membership

Joining PTA just became easier than ever! New this year...join and pay dues online!  Even though parental volunteer opportunities will be different, it is still important to be as involved as possible at our students' school. Your donated funds and membership dues will still go towards valuable programs beneficial for Rose Creek students and teachers!

Enriching Our Student's Education

Joining the PTA is a great way for parents and teachers to work together to achieve the best possible education for our children. The PTA’s goal is to provide meaningful activities and events that will enrich kids’ lives. We need your support. Being a member provides much needed funds to make PTA successful. So you know, of your $6 membership fee $4.50 goes directly towards PTA state and national operating costs. We get to keep $1.50 to put towards things like field trips and academic support. While the PTA would love all members to volunteer, we realize that for some that is not possible. Becoming a member is a way to help without any time commitments. Return a completed form to the school with cash or check payable to Rose Creek PTA, and your membership card will be sent home with your student.