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Parents and Students

Helpful Links
Click here to find many useful links for Rose Creek students.

Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures
Visit our Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures page to find more information about getting students safely to and from school.

Safe Walking Routes & Loading/Unloading Zones
Visit our Safe Walking Routes & Loading/Unloading Zones page to view maps of the safest way for students to arrive to and depart from our school each day.

New Student Enrollment
Are you new to Rose Creek? Visit our New Student Enrollment page for more information. If you have a child starting Kindergarten, visit our Kindergarten Registration link.

Learning Environment Need Form
The purpose of this form is to provide information about your child as we build classes for the 2019-20 school year. We will begin working on class lists in April. Anyone interested in filling out the Learning Environment Need Form should complete it by April 17. After class lists are made, it is extremely difficult to make changes.

Code of Conduct
Read our Raptor Rules that explain our school wide behavior expectations.

Jordan School District Student Conduct and Dress
Read the Student Conduct and Dress Code Policy Manual that explains district wide behavior expectations.

Parent-Child Reunification
In case of emergency or other significant disruption to the normal school schedule, Rose Creek and Jordan School District have created Parent-Child Reunification plans to safely reunite students with a parent or guardian. To learn about these plans, visit our Reunification page.

Anxiety and School-Refusal Tips
Click here to learn tips for dealing with students who experience anxiety about going to school.

Learning Traits
Empathy | Resilience | Flexibility | Optimism | Courage
Ownership | Persistence | Curiosity

Growth Mindset
Our students study Dr. Carol Dweck's Growth Mindset theory in addition to curriculum studies.

The Learning Pit
Our teachers, leaders and support staff guide students in the development of critical, creative, caring and collaborative thinking as they incorporate James Nottingham's Learning Pit strategy at Rose Creek.

Visit our keyboarding page to find more information and links for students to practice at home.