Meetings and Agendas

2018-19 School Community Council Meeting Dates
September 25, 2018 (1:15 pm)
January 29, 2019 (1:15 pm
March 12, 2019 (1:15 pm)

School Community Council meeting agendas are posted on the school website at least one week in advance and will include the date, time, and location of the meeting. All meetings are held at the school. Parents or guardians are invited to participate by joining the council, providing input to council members, or keeping up to date on the work of the council via emails and newsletters. Your input is always welcome in the conversations surrounding the allocation of these funds and in the work being done at Rose Creek Elementary.

Rules of Order
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2018-19: $86,241
2017-18: $77,495
2016-17 (estimated): $59,712
2015-16: $47,294
2014-15: $52,153

Overview of Accomplishments for 2017-18
Reading Assistants: Reading assistants worked directly with students Monday-Thursday throughout the school year. Their targeted work, along with the Rose Creek faculty, led to strong results in Dibels testing.

Beverly Taylor Sorenson Music Specialist: A formal music program was established under the direction of Roxanne Fairchild. All 840 students attended music in her classroom weekly. In addition, she helped grade levels with performances for school and families. Students demonstrated significant growth in keeping the beat and using a proper singing voice.

Chrome Books: Land Trust funds were used to purchase additional Chrome books helping us move closer to a one-to-one initiative. Students use Chrome books for research, Typing Club, Lexia, writing, power points, and in a host of other ways.

Leader in Me: The School Community Council and PTA worked together to fund the Leader in Me annual renewal fee. All students participated in 7 Habits lessons monthly. They also tracked their progress in data notebooks, worked toward a Leader in Me award, and participated in school based family events.

Computer Lab Assistant: A computer lab assistant worked with students daily, maintained devices, and ensured that students had well functioning computer labs. She also helped with the administration of testing such as SAGE and SRI. In addition, she provided access for students to Typing Club, which led to great student growth in keyboarding skills.

2018-19 Land Trust Plan:
Plan 2018-19

2017-18 Land Trust Final Report:
Final Report 2017-18

2018-19 Agendas and Minutes

Click here to view or print the September 24, 2018 agenda.

2017-18 Agendas and Minutes

Click here to view or print the March 19, 2018 agenda.

Click here to view or print the January 22, 2018 agenda.

Click here to view or print the January 22, 2018 minutes.

Click here to view or print the September 18, 2017 agenda.

Click here to view or print the September 18, 2017 minutes.

Past Agendas, Minutes and Accomplishments

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Council Membership
Chair: Andrea Lefgren, Parent, 801-828-6227

Vice Chair: Jennifer Fullmer, Parent, 801-253-5002

Secretary: Trudy Fegel, Parent, 801-432-7311

Administrator: Tami Bird, Principal, Director, 801-254-8082

Teacher: Amy Slack, School Employee

School Board Member: Matt Young

PTA Representative: Hilary Stewart, Parent

Lara Smith, Parent

Rebecca Skolmoski, Parent

Jeannie Rowland, Parent

Jennifer Ramsey, Parent

Susan Carlsen, Parent

Kelsey Watson, Parent

Suzanne Stokes, Parent